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Outstanding Chassis and Suspension Scaling Services

An incorrect suspension setup on your vehicle will cause drastic tire wear and can cause major handling issues. Let our experienced professionals work on your vehicle's suspension and chassis. Get your car or motorcycle to A.C.S. Racing. We're located at 74 Industrial Way in Hanover. Contact us to schedule your appointment at 781-982-9434.

Complete Chassis and Suspension Work

  • Struts/Shocks/Springs

  • Brake upgrades/performance brakes

  • Lowering kits

  • Air ride kits

  • Four-wheel laser alignment

  • Corner weighting/scaling

  • Swaybars/Links/Upgrades

  • Wheel alignment for all vehicles

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A.C.S. Racing is a proud auto repair shop in New England that boasts 3 Dynojet dynamometers! What's more? If you're a part of a motorcycle or car club, we'll set up a Dyno Day and give you major DISCOUNTS if there are more than 10 participants.

A.C.S. Racing has experience in performance tuning.

Visit us today for top-notch chassis and suspension repairs.

74 Industrial Way

You can also get basic repair services for your car and motorcycle. A.C.S. Racing has been a family-owned and operated auto repair shop since 1988.